How to Strengthen Your Employer Brand with Social Responsibility

According to a recent survey by Cone Communications, over half of all employees consider corporate social responsibility (CSR) an important factorwhen considering a new job. This percentage includes employees across all age groups, genders and backgrounds.

The survey also indicates that social responsibility is an increasingly important factor for today’s employees, alongside factors such as salary and culture.

Increase your appeal to top talent by incorporating social responsibility into your employer brand. Here’s how.

Mission statement

Does your mission statement reflect a broader social purpose to your business objectives?

Research by Deloitte shows that employers who incorporate a social purpose into their mission statement get 40% more engagement from their employees. Cover social responsibility in your mission statement by touching on how your company strives to make a positive impact in the world.

Company values

For another opportunity to incorporate social responsibility into your brand and gain added appeal as an employer, revisit your company values.

Here, you can show audiences how your organisation goes about conducting business in an ethical way, with a nod to socially responsible behaviours. Is your company supportive to its staff? Does your company take special care in its relationships with stakeholders and community?

Use your company values to reflect the ways in which your company is a great place to work.

Employee development and welfare

It’s not enough just to take care of your employees. Give your employer brand an added appeal by sharing and showcasing the ways in which your company benefits more than just the bank balances of its team.

Use social media to share real stories of employees whose work lives have been positively impacted by benefits, physical or mental health support, career development training and opportunities.

Community impact

Research by Employee Volunteering shows that today’s workforce want their employers to give back to the community, and they want employers who will support them to give back in the same way.

By offering employees paid time off to undertake volunteer work, you can encourage positive feelings towards your company and a develop a socially responsible brand. Don’t forget to share these stories of your employee’s involvement in community support through social media and video marketing.

Tie these community support stories back to your company’s mission and value statements to create a socially responsible brand that appeals to new employees.


Employees and jobs candidates are increasingly looking for employers who incorporate green, sustainable practices into their business model. This might be policy that preferences public transport over car transport, cycle-to-work incentives, and offices fitted with energy efficient appliances.

Again, share and promote your company’s social and environmental responsibilities by displaying office policy regarding recycling and sustainability codes of practice. This will encourage an environmentally sound culture among existing and future employees.

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Scott Rojko | 05 Feb 2019