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Are You Being Headhunted? 4 Easy Steps to Considering a Career Change

Whether you’ve received a call from a headhunter or you’re simply preparing for the future, you’ve come to the right page.

Leading construction companies will often target talented individuals for new roles instead of putting out job ads or recruiting en masse.

In this blog, we walk you through what to do when you get headhunted.

Step 1: Be prepared

To maximise your chances of being targeted by headhunters, you’ll need online profiles that make you visible to great employers.

If you haven’t already, give your LinkedIn profile a refresh, complete with recommendations and endorsements. You’ll also want to create a profile on a leading construction jobs platform where employers often go to source new talent.

Once you’ve got your pubic profiles ready, showcasing your skills and experience, you could receive a call from a headhunter at any time. If you get a call during work hours, arrange to have your discreet chat at a better time. This will show your professionalism and tact.

Step 2: Don’t jump the gun

Receiving a call from a headhunter is not the same thing as being offered a job.

The headhunter will let you know that an employer is interested in you for a position, and will ask you whether you’re also interested in being considered.

If you answer yes, then you will progress to an interview stage. You will then be considered against one or two other individuals.

When the call comes, express your interest in the role, but don’t sell yourself too hard at the beginning. Doing so could imply desperation or dissatisfaction with your current role.

Step 3: Consider carefully

The headhunter will describe the role to you over the phone and then follow up with an email which provides the details in writing.

During your chat, and after considering the role on offer, ask as many questions as possible, including details around salary, benefits, company culture and opportunities for career development.

Remember to always consider the entire package on offer, not just the salary price tag.

Step 4: Respond respectfully

The headhunter will indicate a timeframe for your response. Show your professionalism and reaffirm your interest by responding within the time frame given.

Regardless of whether your answer is yes or no, a polite and timely response will work in your favour. That headhunter will consider you and put you forward for future employment opportunities.

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Scott Rojko | 05 Feb 2019